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Ascension: Valley of the Ancients

Ascension: Valley of the Ancients


Unlock the secrets of Alosya…

For centuries, the valley of Alosya has remained hidden from the rest of Vigil. Guarded by treacherous mountains, the valley cradled an ancient civilization that rose and fell, cut off entirely from the outside world. In the absence of the gods, the people of Alosya worshipped the forces that rule the world around them – life and death. They built two temples that focused and harnessed those energies, and revered the journey between the two.

Now the forces of New Vigil venture into the valley, hoping to uncover a powerful weapon in their battle against Xeron. What they don’t know is that the foes and temptation awaiting them in Alosya may pose an even greater threat.

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Contents & Mechanics:

  • New card type, Temples, can be acquired or stolen from your opponent

  • New Enlightened-specific effect: Serenity

  • New Void-specific effect: Echo

  • Playable as a stand alone 1-4 player game

  • Combine with other Ascension games to play with up to 6 players

  • 183 cards